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The Taylor-Dunn Loadmaster B-150 is an ergonomic electric utility vehicle designed with a short turning radius to maneuver in tight spaces. 

  • 36 volt electric
  • Speed up to 19kmh (12 mph)
  • Range up to 32km (20 miles)
  • Load capacity of 725 kilos (1,600 pounds)
  • Tow capacity of 3,409 kilos (7,500 pounds)
  • Two person capacity

Popular additional accessories: headlights, reverse beeper, seat belts, and high-capacity batteries.

Taylor-Dunn’s Loadmaster is durable, reliable and cost effective for your commercial and industrial material handling needs. Equipped with a 36-volt electric drive train, this vehicle carries loads up to 725 kgs (1,600 pounds) at speeds up to 19kmh (12 miles per hour) with a range up to 32km (20 miles).

This narrow aisle burden carrier is 44.5 inches wide by 108 inches long. It has a 110 inch turning radius with an 84 inch intersecting aisle clearance. Adding optional equipment such as ladder rack, stake sides, tool boxes, tool cabinets or work bench makes this an excellent choice for any indoor or outdoor maintenance application.