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The Huski SV06ENL E-Series Scissor Lift is one of the most versatile tools on the market. Its adaptable design can be used for facilities maintenance, installation, construction, and more.

With a platform height of up to 6.10m, a load capacity of 360kgs, and the capability to fit through a doorway, the maneuverable and agile Huski SV06ENL E-Series Scissor Lift is a dependable tool for many tasks.

Product Features:

  • Upper Control Equipment: Located at a convenient height of 1m from the platform deck. Controls include enable switch, lift/travel lever and emergency stop button, as well as an easy-to-view battery level indicator.
  • Lower Control: The right side of the chassis includes the lower control equipment, as well as a multi-function indicator for displaying the battery level and hour meter, and a battery charger indicator light.
  • Sliding Deck Extension: The platform deck can be extended for greater reach to get closer work areas, even if objects on the road are blocking the chassis from the site area.
  • AC Drive Motor: An AC drive motor with energy saving has been used to ensure a long operation time.
  • Flash Beacon (Option): Flashes when power is on to alert people nearby.
  • Durable construction: Steel-constructed panels and powder-coated paint make the E-Series Scissor Lifts built to last.
  • Platform extension: Additional platform length allows operators to safely reach across fixed objects.
  • Tilt alarm: Alerts operators to unsafe working conditions and limits platform movement until safe operation is restored.
  • Fold-down guardrails: Folding guardrails allow for larger models to pass through doorways and under other low obstacles.
  • Dual operational modes: Additional operating modes provide increased platform capacity at lower heights for flexible use.
  • Upper control box: Flexible operation controls offers two mounting positions or remote use while off of the scissor lift.