Toyota Electric Reach Forklift Trucks feature rugged construction, advanced technology and an ergonomic design for optimum performance and value.

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Toyota 1.2 - 1.6 Tonne 8-Series 3-Wheel Sit Down Reach Forklift BACK TO PRODUCTSBACK TO Reach Forklifts

Simply the best seat in the warehouse! The Toyota 8FBRE 1.2-1.6 tonne electric powered reach forklift.

Toyota's electric reach truck forklifts feature rugged construction, advanced technology and an ergonomic design for optimum performance and value.


  • The controls on 8FBRE reach forklifts are as you would expect - simple and logical, with fingertip control levers for all fork movements, and effortless electronic steering for precise driving. The steering system offers 360° flexibility, although conventional 180° steering is available as an option. PIN-code start-up ensures only authorised drivers can operate the truck.
    • Single levers for hydraulic functions
    • 3-4 hydraulic functions
    • Simple, logic layout
    • Excellent control
    • Support for the wrist
    • For any conceivable purpose
    • Easy to learn and use
  • The 8FBRE offers full 360º steering for ergonomic and efficient operation. Other benefits include:
    • Short learning process
    • Easy to find shortest turning radius
    • Faster working cycles
    • 180º steering as an alternative


  • All key driver compartment parts are adjustable to make the 8FBRE suitable for all shapes and sizes of drivers, enhancing both safety as well as driver comfort.
  • To increase driver comfort, the floor is adjustable in three different heights -
  • 450, 495 & 540mm, seat to floor.


Adjustable Steering Console -

  • Easy fold up
  • Fits every driver
  • Comfortable position means less operator fatigue and higher productivity
  • Easy entry and exit from the cabin


  • The 8FBRE is completely programmable for optimum performance and safety with a complete array of programmable functions such as:
    • Steering sensitivity
    • Top speed
    • Acceleration
    • Auto (motor) brake
    • Timed shutdown


  • The 8FBRE is available with two kinds of masts. The Duplex tele, 2-stage mast (V) with panoramic view and the Triplex free lift, 3-stage mast (FSV) with clear view.


  • Automatic Parking Brake -
    • Applies automatically when leaving the 8FBRE
    • Machine is always safely parked when the driver leaves the forklift