Toyota Industries Corporation to acquire the forklift business of Tailift Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), parent company of Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA), has entered into a definitive agreement under which TICO will acquire the forklift business of Tailift Co., Ltd ("Tailift"), which is active in the manufacturing and sales of industrial machine tools and forklifts mainly in Taiwan and China.

The agreement was announced in September 2014 by TICO president Akira Onishi.

The Forklift Division of Tailift has manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China and has its strength in developing, manufacturing and selling forklifts that are mainly targeted towards emerging markets.

About Tailift Group:

1) Company name: Tailift Co., Ltd

2) Headquarter: Taichung, Taiwan

3) Establishment: 1973

4) President & CEO: Mr. Steve Lin

5) Major Products: IC forklift, electric forklift, Sheet metal equipment such as laser cutting machines and other industrial machine tools

6) Production Capacity: 28,000 units (Forklift business)

7) Employees: 1000 (Forklift business, December 2013)


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