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Taylor-Dunn Stepsaver SS-536 Personnel Carriers BACK TO PRODUCTSBACK TO Taylor-Dunn Burden Carriers

The Taylor-Dunn Stepsaver SS-536 personnel carrier is the perfect vehicle solution for transporting executive, security, maintenance and other personnel. 

  • 24 volt electric
  • Speed up to 14 kmh (9 mph)
  • Range up to 32 km (20 miles)
  • Load capacity of 272 kilos (600 pounds)
  • Tow capacity of 907 kilos (2,000 pounds)
  • Two person capacity

Optional popular accessories include portable charger, hour meter, smooth skin frame, soft solid tires, and strobe light.

Taylor-Dunn’s Stepsaver provides personnel transportation for executives, supervisors, security, maintenance, mail carriers, and other workers whose jobs keep them on the go. Stepsaver’s versatile design allows you to convert the vehicle from personnel carrier to burden carrier in a matter of seconds. These vehicles can carry up to two people or 272 kilos (600 lb) of load to the job site.

Stepsaver’s standard features include horn, modularised control system, tiller-loop steering, on-board charger, and an all-welded steel unitised body and frame. Additional standard features on the Taylor-Dunn Stepsaver SS-536 include headlight, taillight, brake light, and flip-down passenger seat