Toyota automated guided driverless forklifts offer advanced, flexible solutions for more efficient, cost-effective goods handling. Advantages of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) include easy tracking of goods, just-in-time picking, less damage and fewer operator hours

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Introducing the Toyota BT Optio OAE120CB Autopilot, the unique automated order picker "driverless" forklift that simplifies the order picking process by combining the versatility of a low-level order picker with the pallet-handling features of a small counterbalanced truck.


Based on standard forklift designs, Toyota BT OPTIO OAE120 CB automated guided forklift is fitted with the most advanced laser navigation technology and highest class of safety features. This Laser Guided Vehicle helps improve productivity and save cost by reducing labour, goods damage and risk for work-related injuries. They can be used as 'stand-alone' forklift in simple installations such as transporting goods, or in larger operations with multiple forklifts integrated with the customer's Warehouse Management System. 

  • Load capacity up to 1.2 tonnes
  • Lift heights up to 4.1 meters
  • Advanced laser technology
  • Integrate to ERP/WMS/MES, barcode scanning and voice terminals

 Can also be used as a manual order picker. 

Fully backed by Toyota Material Handling Australia so you can be assured of outstanding customer service and support of your automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and automatic guided forklift fleet.