Toyota automated guided driverless forklifts offer advanced, flexible solutions for more efficient, cost-effective goods handling. Advantages of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) include easy tracking of goods, just-in-time picking, less damage and fewer operator hours

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Toyota BT Autoshuttle PAE150 - Automated Load Carrier BACK TO PRODUCTSBACK TO Automatic Guided Vehicles

The Toyota BT Autoshuttle PAE150 (Automated Load Carrier) is designed to transport pallets being stored deep in racking and to retrieve again, maximising space and pallet locations. After completing its task, the BT Autoshuttle returns to its starting point, indicating it is ready for the next command. The shuttle is controlled by a remote control or warehouse management system and is efficient, durable and easy to use.

The Autoshuttle solution allows for cost-effective use of warehouse space. The electrically powered load carrier retrieves goods in horizontal tunnels within the racking. The Autoshuttle can be handed by any standard reach truck or counterbalanced truck and has the capacity to transport up to 1.5 ton

  • 1.5 ton load carrying capacity
  • Simple remote controller
  • One controller can control multiple shuttles
  • Can be integrated with WMS
  • Quick battery change
  • Fitted with safety scanner to detect obstacles in the rack

Backed by Toyota Material Handling Australia so you can be assured of outstanding customer service and support of your Autoshuttle and automatic guided forklift fleet.