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Forklift Parts and Service

Forklift Parts and Service

At Toyota Material Handling, we place an important emphasis on expert service to keep your forklift working and your servicing costs as low as possible. It's all part of the Toyota Service Advantage!

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We Service All Forklift Brands!

At Toyota Material Handling, we place an important emphasis on expert service to keep your forklift working and your servicing costs as low as possible. No matter what forklift brand you use, our factory trained technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure a fast and accurate diagnosis, helping to save you time and money.

Our commitment to total customer satisfaction extends nationwide, thanks to one of the finest branch networks in Australia; we have major outlets for material handling sales located throughout every state in Australia, with a strong sub-agent network to assist with all forklift servicing requirements.It's all part of our Toyota Service Advantage, and just another reason why a Toyota Material Handling forklift service is genuinely better for your forklift and your pocket.

Toyota Material Handling Forklift Service Solutions

  • Nationwide service team with over 300+ mobile service vans
  • State-of-the-art service workshops in each major location
  • 21,500 + units under service
  • 450+ technicians and parts staff
  • Satellite Service network
  • 24/7 response
We Service All Forklift Brands!

Key Customer Support Areas Are:

Periodic Maintenance Plans: Cost effective periodic maintenance plans tailored to meet each customer's individual requirements and provide maximum utilisation at minimum cost.

Factory Trained Technicians: Service technicians are factory trained for the entire range of forklift, skid steer loader and tow tractor equipment available.

Fully Equipped Workshops: Our branch network service centres can provide a collection and delivery service, fixed price quotes, competitive prices, replacement loan units and a written guarantee.

Mobile Service Units: To ensure minimum downtime of customer's equipment our electronically controlled fleet of Mobile Service Workshops is fully equipped to perform all jobs, short of a major overhaul, on site.

Genuine Parts: To ensure total quality of service and maximise the life of your forklift, skid steer loader and tow tractor equipment we supply genuine parts at competitive prices from the company's computerised inventory of over 25,000 line items.

24-hour emergency parts & service: Available 365 days of the year.

Finding better ways to service our customers needs is our major priority.

Through ongoing measurement, goal setting, and consultation, TMH ensures its service network meets the highest levels of excellence by:

  • Providing the highest level of staff professionalism and technical competence
  • Delivering Toyota's high standards of ethical conduct
  • Delivering service response times that are promptly and consistently met
  • Maintaining the highest levels of parts supplies.

Remember, your equipment is only beneficial when it's working!

Key Customer Support Areas Are:

Our TMH parts and service team is here to help


Forklift Service Network Committed To Customers

We understand how important after-sales support is to your business and have established key distribution networks for the provision of all forklift, skid steer loader and tow tractor service and parts requirements. Click here to find out the location of your nearest Toyota Material Handling branch and Satellite Service Agent
Or if you wish to be contacted by your nearest Toyota Material Handling branch, please fill out our contact form or Freecall 1800 425 438.

Forklift Service Network Committed To Customers

Our TMH parts and service team is here to help


Need Genuine Forklift Parts?

By using genuine parts you will help guarantee maximum uptime - not to mention reduce the risk and cost of unnecessary repairs; and the supply of original parts is guaranteed for up to 10 years after production stops.  

When you buy a TMH genuine part you get

  • Reliability
  • Maximum service life 
  • Low overall cost of ownership

Our commitment to parts back-up and support is evidenced through our National Parts Distribution Centre, located at Moorebank in Sydney, NSW. At over 36,000 square metres, this state-of-the-art facility was opened in 2007.

In addition to the stock held at the National Parts Centre, all TMH branches carry substantial stock on their own premises.

Need Genuine Forklift Parts?

Genuine Forklift Parts Helps Ensure Maximum Forklift Uptime


Technical Training

TMH - TTD Technical Training Development interactive state of the art online training system provides our Toyota service technicians with the latest online interactive training Australia wide.

Comprehensive TMH - TTD Technical Training Development programmes ensure Toyota, BT and Raymond technicians provide fast problem-solving and minimum forklift downtime.

TMH Australia supports TAFE in supplying specific Forklift Training to apprentices across Australia.

TMH Australia currently spend $200,000 per year on service technician development and technical training.

Ongoing sales, parts and service training programs to help assure superior after-sales service; TMH has also established itself as the industry leader in forklift safety, with a strong commitment to comprehensive user training (eg TAFE) and material support through its comprehensive Safety Training and Risk Assessment videos and manuals.

Technical Training

Factory-backed traning ensures quick forklift service